Workshops by Stephanie Plain Potter

Stephanie’s desire is to help by

    • educating by using research based strategies
    • providing a concrete, practical action plan
    • challenging individuals to improve

Walk away with an action plan that addresses and engages all interested parties, from the teachers and administrators to students and parents.

Attend one of these great workshops and receive the handouts, materials and manuals.

Stephanie offers a very simple and direct plan, one that actually seems manageable and wouldn’t take a lot of time to set up. If we can have the parents and schools working together, “backing each other up”, so to speak, then it makes working with hard to reach students so much easier.

~ Elaine Becker, Counselor

These are samples of presentation titles. You are not limited to only these.

love and logic certified facilitator

Essential Skills for Love and Logic Classroom seeks to arm educators with the skills that allow relationship building. Designed to address student needs as well as parent desires to increase school to home partnerships and communication.


Anti bully program

Making Parents Allies  helps schools not only develop a program customized to their school’s demographics but also how to get parents involved and have everyone on the same page. Beyond a list of definitions and what the school is doing, very little is being done to support parents and to help include them in a school-wide effort. The purpose of this program is to help meet the needs of all students, educators and parents in the development of an anti-bully program.