“I attended Stephanie Potter’s presentation on Making Parents Allies at the Innovative Counseling Skills and Strategies Conference in June and was impressed with her down-to-earth approach on how to make parents allies and more involved in schools. Ms. Potter made it look so easy with her step-by-step process on how you can lure parents into the school setting and keep them there. She offers a very simple and direct plan, one that actually seems manageable and wouldn’t appear to take a lot of time to set up. She was entertaining, kept my attention and shared real life situations on how you can make this work on any campus. If we can have the parents and schools working together, “backing each other up ,so to speak then it makes working with those hard to reach or challenging students so much easier.” ~ Elaine Becker, Counselor


Anti bully program






Making Parents Allies is designed to assist parents, educators, and students in bully prevention. It gives a concrete plan to involve parents in bully prevention, academic development, and emotional wellness that includes current research, a detailed involvement process, and practical activities and strategies. Thus, the participants have a step-by-step blueprint that can be implemented across grade levels and social/economic lines.  MPA can be a one-day overview training that introduces ideas or a comprehensive program that incorporates all stakeholders that is custom designed based on the needs of the participants.

Anti bully program



Parent Avoid the Wedgie is designed to assist parents in recognizing the signs and components of bullying.  It also clearly defines the victim, bystander, and bully as well as research based strategies to prevent and, or intervene.  PAV can be a one-day overview training that introduces ideas or a comprehensive program that incorporates all stakeholders in bully prevention for parent organization, associations, schools, communities, and churches.


intervention and prevention training


   Bridging the Gap: Interventions and Preventions is research based training that gives the perspectives of bully prevention in difference groups (such as cultural, generational, religious, academic, and social economic).  It examines and explains environmental and media influences of bullying. Resources, from videos to power points, are given to aid the participants in implementing these strategies upon completion of the training.


Whatever Teacher seeks to arm educators with the skills that allow relationship building while enhancing instructional focus and practice.  It is designed to address student needs as well as parent desires to increase school to home partnerships and communication.  WT can be a one-day overview training that introduces ideas or a comprehensive training that includes parent training.


The Mirror Has Two Faces seeks to challenge its participants to develop their five areas of wellness: personal character, physical wellness, mental health, professional growth, and finance stability.  It is designed to assist in setting goals based on current position with desired outcomes.  MTF give researched based strategies and approaches to use to stay focused and on course.


God's Love Stephanie Plain Potter

God’s Love is the guide for the books, God’s Touch and God’s Kiss.  It assists individuals interested in teaching Christian principles while incorporating essential reading readiness for preschool and/or beginning readers.  Participants will learn ways of teaching reading strategies children can use throughout their lives.  They will also learn ways to have children enjoy reading the Word of God.


Stephanie Plain Potter training


  Show me, Involve Me; Watch Me is a systematic way of training teachers and parents on how to teach academic and life skills.  It provides multisensory approaches that engage the participants while giving research based strategies for implementation.  SIW can be a one-day overview training that introduces ideas or a comprehensive program that is custom designed based on the needs of the students, teachers, and parents.


Stephanie Plain Potter training

Unlimited Possibilities seeks to challenge its participants to develop positive self -concepts and self –awareness by identifying four areas of development:  personal character, mental health, academic growth, and future goals.  It is designed to assist young ladies in combating negative self-images that can come from being bullied, self -doubt, negative self -talk, and fear.  Unlimited Possibilities challenges the participants to create positive self -concepts and ideas.  It gives research based strategies and approaches.

College Prep for students


College Ready, College Bound – In this session, the participants will hear about selecting colleges and universities based on areas of interests. They will discuss different types of higher education and what is available to them. They will also explore the different ways in which their writing can make their application stand out of the crowd.





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