Making Parents Allies

Making Parents Allies is a program designed to assist parents, educators, and students in bully prevention. It gives a concrete plan to involve parents in bully prevention that includes current research, a detailed involvement process, and practical activities and strategies. Thus, the participants have a step-by-step blueprint that can be implemented across grade levels and social/economic lines.

Making Parents Allies comes from Stephanie’s research development of a school bullying program. Her focus was to find an anti-bully program that would address the needs of all students. During this process, she came across a population that was being underserved. The parents.

Beyond a list of definitions and what the school is doing, very little is being done to support parents and to help include them in a school-wide effort. Parents need to know:

  • how they can work with the school to prevent bullying
  • how to identify and help if their child is being bullied
  • what to do if their child is the bully
  • the best way to intervene in a bullying situation

Making Parents Allies helps schools not only develop a program customized to their school’s demographics but also how to get the parents involved and have everyone on the same page.


Stephanie offers a very simple and direct plan, one that actually seems manageable and wouldn’t appear to take a lot of time to set up. She was entertaining, kept my attention and shared real life situations on how you can make this work on any campus. If we can have the parents and schools working together, “backing each other up”, so to speak then it makes working with those hard to reach or challenging students so much easier.” ~ Elaine Becker, Bowie Elementary Counselor