healing     Healing seeks to go beyond just acknowledging God as the healer, but it will also discuss your role in the healing process. It will explain the things God promises as well as the things He expects you to do. Those realizations will move you from understanding healing to acknowledging healing. Then, you can experience the power of God so you can claim, declare, and receive His healing.





Diamonds is a book that takes the reader on a journey and exploration to find the diamond in one’s self. It will challenge your mind, tug at your heart, awaken old dreams, create new visions, and strengthen your spirit. Through historical and biblical references,

Diamonds will transform and reveal your shine; So open your mind to unlimited possibilities as you discover the hidden diamond within yourself.


God’s Eyes

Jermaine was diagnosed with a speech impairment and ocular motor dysfunction. These impacted his speech and vision; yet throughout the surgeries, challenges in school, and various therapies, Jermaine always remains happy and encouraged. He tells me that God sees him just the way he made him. He sees him in his image. So, Jermaine knows everything will be ok. Through Jermaine’s vision (faith), I learn to see the beauty in everything.


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God’s Gift

God's Gift by Stephanie Plain Potter

Johnathan explains to the reader that we are a blessing to be a blessing. In every part of nature from fish to human beings, we all have special roles to play. We are gifts to each other.


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God’s Kiss

Stephanie Plain Potter Author


Have you ever wondered why your eyes are that color, your hands that size, or why your hair is curly? Well, Jordan says it is God’s way of loving us. The different things about us are God’s kiss of love to tell us that we are all special. Continue reading