New Year’s Resolutions

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Almost two decades ago, my father encouraged me to change my view of New Year’s resolutions.

He said that typically people set New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year.  By the middle of the year, the resolutions were broken, forgotten, or changed; because, they did not have true value or significance to the person.  They were done out of tradition or simply something to do.  Thus, he challenged me to change my thinking.  Dad asked me “What makes a New Year?”  “Was it a change of the calendar year?”  Was it a change of an event?  Or was it an anniversary of something?” He said when it is an important event to me, it will be more meaningful.  He said my New Year should be important.  It should be my birthday.  It signifies a New Year for me.  I thought about that and that made sense.  Thus from that birthday to now, I have set resolutions (goals) every year on my birthday.

October means a great deal to me.

It is my birthday month as well as victory month.  At seventeen, I discovered a lump in my breast.  Thus, I had it checked every year.  Three years ago, a new one was founded that had active growth and blood flow.  As a granddaughter and niece of individuals who lost the fight to breast cancer, I was concerned.  Not wanting to take any risk, I had the lump removed and then tested.  It was cancer free.  Therefore, my goal every year is to improve one area of my health by adding a healthy habit.  I added taking vitamins last year and reducing my sodas.  This year, I added exercising at least three times a week.

Another reason October is important to me is bully prevention.  As a child, I was bullied (teased) due to my size.  I was the “fat” girl in elementary school.  I hated third and fourth grade.  Sometimes when I visit schools now that have the “school cafeteria food” smell, I can feel those stomach aches of those years.  Thus as an educator, I promised to actively fight for bully prevention.  October is bully prevention month with October 9 as “orange day.”  In addition, I am in the progress of completing my dissertation on bully prevention.  Therefore, I set a goal to publish articles and research on bully prevention even after I have completed by dissertation.

As my birthday month, I set personal and family goals.  For example, I wanted to have more “Mommy, child days.”  This is when I spend individual time with each child.  The child picks what we do and where we go.  Regardless of the age of my children, this is still a special thing.

So, my challenge to you is to change your New Year’s Resolution to a special time or event so it becomes special to you.


A Transition For All


Shoe shopping TransitionsThis Sunday, we were preparing to buy shoes for school. My children and I typically buy shoes at the end of July/beginning of August for two reasons. One, normally the shoes are available at that time and we don’t have to worry about the store being out of their sizes. And two, because typically the price is still reasonable. It appears that stores increase the price by the second of August because they know it’s the start of school and parents must prepare their children to go back to school with new clothes, shoes and supplies.

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Close Your Eyes & See

Stephanie Plain Potter Child advocate

Have you ever awakened to wish you could go back to a dream?  Did the dream seem so real or better than real life?  Some believe dreams are pictures into the future and others believe that dreamers are snapshots of the past. I believe they are both and we live to dream and have the impossible.  So as a mom, I seek to teach those lessons. Continue reading

The Dreamer, The Encourager

Children's service center



I had an interesting talk with one of my sons on the way home.  He is involved in a sport and band.  He discusses his dreams of going to college and setting football records.  Like my other three children, he is always busy in different things.  Thus, individual child time often occurs as we are driving to and from an event, practice, etc.   Continue reading

Protect and Serve

Stephanie Plain Potter Author


As a parent, you want to do all you can to protect your children from hurt, from harm, and unseen danger. Often what happens in the pursuit of protection, we fail to prepare them for the real world. The reason why I am a facilitator for love and logic is because love and logic is the ideal parenting tool.

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Why Me

Sometimes, I just sit back and I look at my children.   I think about how truly privileged I am to be a mother of four. All of them are different. All of them are gifted in their own way. Then, I think about how I am honored to be their mother.  I am able to impact their lives for a small amount of time; yet, the influence can help shape their future. Continue reading