Close Your Eyes & See

Stephanie Plain Potter Child advocate

Have you ever awakened to wish you could go back to a dream?  Did the dream seem so real or better than real life?  Some believe dreams are pictures into the future and others believe that dreamers are snapshots of the past. I believe they are both and we live to dream and have the impossible.  So as a mom, I seek to teach those lessons. Continue reading

The Dreamer, The Encourager

Children's service center



I had an interesting talk with one of my sons on the way home.  He is involved in a sport and band.  He discusses his dreams of going to college and setting football records.  Like my other three children, he is always busy in different things.  Thus, individual child time often occurs as we are driving to and from an event, practice, etc.   Continue reading

Protect and Serve

Stephanie Plain Potter Author


As a parent, you want to do all you can to protect your children from hurt, from harm, and unseen danger. Often what happens in the pursuit of protection, we fail to prepare them for the real world. The reason why I am a facilitator for love and logic is because love and logic is the ideal parenting tool.

Continue reading

God’s Kiss

Stephanie Plain Potter Author


Have you ever wondered why your eyes are that color, your hands that size, or why your hair is curly? Well, Jordan says it is God’s way of loving us. The different things about us are God’s kiss of love to tell us that we are all special. Continue reading