Why Me


Sometimes, I just sit back and I look at my children.   I think about how truly privileged I am to be a mother of four. All of them are different. All of them are gifted in their own way. Then, I think about how I am honored to be their mother.  I am able to impact their lives for a small amount of time; yet, the influence can help shape their future. Continue reading

Raising teenage boys

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Junior high school moms and dads, in the last few weeks,  I have had some of the most difficult conversations.  They were hard because it’s hard to be mom without being friend. I want them to feel they can come and talk to me. I want them to to feel comfortable with me. But in the same token, I want them to understand that I am mom.

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Trusting the Lessons Taught

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High school moms and dad, this will be the first trip my child goes on alone. Part of me is so excited that he truly wants to go. The other part of me is terrified. Terrified to believe  that my baby will be going to a different state with is friends by himself. Is he ready? Huh! Am I ready?! Is this just a glimpse of the future?

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