Set the Boundaries in Love

Stephanie Plain Potter BlogPreschool moms and dad, I give you words of comfort. On those days when your little needs one more cup of juice or the nights when he/she just needs some water. Or when you’re on the way out the door and he/she needs one more potty break; I give you words of comfort. Those will be your times of laughter when you take those same children on their first day of school, their first dance or when you have those ‘girl and boy’ talks.

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Elementary moms and dads ~


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With all of the field trips, projects, new concepts to learn, I think to myself “when did I enroll in elementary school?!” That’s how I feel sometimes. When did elementary school stop being fun? With all of the tests and all of the business to do be done, where did the fun go?

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Why Frogs

Fully Rely On God


The frog has become a signature for me. It originally came from a concept that my mom shared with me years ago.

Growing up, I was a person that worried often. I would like to say that I have been delivered from that but it continues to be my struggle. I am better but there are still times when I contemplate how something will come out or how it will end up.

My mom would say that I’m going to be a worry wart. She would always tell me that I needed to look at what God had in store and the plan he had for me. So she told me if I was going to worry, why pray? And if I was going to pray, why worry?  I needed to learn to trust God. To believe that He had the best for me and that he had equipped me to be able to assist in doing things and not simply worry about them. She told me that if it is something that I can fix I need to go about fixing it. If it is something that I need to have others help me fix, then I need to be able to say that I need help. And then if it’s something that is out of my control, ask the question: Can someone help me?  If others cannot help me, I need to pray about it and trust God to fix it.

She instilled in me that I am blessed to be a blessing. If there is way that I can help someone else, it is my responsibility…it is my duty.


So what does the frog mean?

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Fully rely on God for everything!