What if you could see your child’s future?

special education advocate



What if you could see your child’s future? How would it look? What would you want for them? What would you want them to have or accomplish? Parents all over the world work tirelessly on jobs, and make endless sacrifices in hopes of impacting their children’s futures. The idea that your child can have a better life than you had/have or more opportunities with fewer mistakes are the heartbeat of many parents.

This is the foundation of J Solutions. I started my career and opened my business by first opening my heart. As an educator of thousands and a mother of four, my children are my heartbeat. They are the reasons that so much of me has improved, matured, changed, and grown day by day, year by year. Some people think parents teach their children and that is true. But if parents truly are honest with themselves, children teach parents so much more.


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