Trusting the Lessons Taught

Stephanie Plain Potter Post


High school moms and dad, this will be the first trip my child goes on alone. Part of me is so excited that he truly wants to go. The other part of me is terrified. Terrified to believe  that my baby will be going to a different state with is friends by himself. Is he ready? Huh! Am I ready?! Is this just a glimpse of the future?

A part of me feels like I am losing him. i want to be able to keep him as my baby. He’s my baby I just helped learn to walk. He’s my baby I hugged before he got on his first bus. Now he’s going off all alone. What do I do?

So now I am learning to trust that the lessons that I have taught; the value I have tried to instill. The value that I have tried to instill. I must trust that he’s learned

So to all those high school moms and dads, I pray for you as you pray for me. That the long talks, the trips here and there, and the baseball games/soccer games were not wasted. I pray that they’re memorable for him as they are for me.


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