The Dreamer, The Encourager

Children's service center



I had an interesting talk with one of my sons on the way home.  He is involved in a sport and band.  He discusses his dreams of going to college and setting football records.  Like my other three children, he is always busy in different things.  Thus, individual child time often occurs as we are driving to and from an event, practice, etc.  

Well this day, he and I were going home and I stopped in front of a house I have been eye balling for some time.  My dream is to create a children’s service center.  Thus, this house would be ideal.  It was not too far from my house or the children’s schools.  Therefore, I sat for a minute and took pictures.  Then, the unbelievable happened.

My son said, “You do enough so you do not need to look at that house”.  I asked him to explain.  He said, “Well, you are older and have your career.  Why do something else?”  I then realized that in the mist of encouraging them to dream for the future, I failed to teach them to be dreamers.

Dreamers understand that each dream leads to the next and every dream simply is part of the “perfection project.” God wants us to always strive to be more like him so our dreaming never ends.

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  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

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