The Beauty of Dyslexia


I am a mother of a very wonderful and a unique individual. He shares a commonality with me in that we both struggled with reading early in our lives.

Yet, he has opportunities to have individuals around that were knowledgeable enough to diagnosis him with dyslexia.

What does that mean?

Outside of his parents and my parents, there were others who believed that there was more to him.  Thus, he has opportunities to grow at his pace, and take his time. He has also the opportunity to see the intelligence that lies within the disability.

He sees the big picture of things and situations and then, he separate it piece by piece until it makes sense to him. He catches abstract concepts in a way so unique to only him. The beauty to recognize the little things is the intelligence few obtain.

Oh to be a person, who loves himself so much that no one or anything can stop what he truly believe about his ability, is true love and beauty. That’s what I learn every day from my son.  I learn to love myself unconditionally and to love who God created me to be.  I cannot imagine all he will accomplish and that God has for him.  The possibilities are unlimited; because, he has learned the lesson that has taken me 38 years to understand.   It’s the beauty of dyslexia.

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