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Stephanie Plain Potter School Schedule tips

As the school year comes, there are different things that I prepare. I prepare for the mindset of my children and anticipating things they will enjoy or that may present challenges. I also prepare for opportunities to assist them with growing.

So I think about the core subjects. I think about their extracurricular activities. Then, I also thing about their friends and their development. In that process, I make a point to set two schedules.


These are the things that are non-negotiables with me. Like in the morning before they leave, they must have their backpack. They must have the things in their room done. At night,  they have a certain time to go bed and CDs, mp3 players, cell phones and computers are off. There is the expectation of when homework is done. This includes checking websites to verify assignments.


These are things that I have written down for myself. It can be on my cell phone or my iPad for me to remember. Things I make sure I check as a parent. In a perfect world, my children will always tell me the truth. They will always tell me when something is due, what is expected and where they stand in a class or what their grades are. But realistically, I know they are children. And even though I am trying to teach them to be independent and be self-disciplined, I am still their parent and I still have a role in making sure that I teach those lessons. Therefore, I teach that there are consequences to your actions.

So parents as you prepare for a new year, set the schedules. What are your verbals schedules? What are your non-negotiables? What is your written schedule? What is it that you have to do to make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to? Set it early. Make it concrete.

Have a great school year!  

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