Set the Boundaries in Love

Stephanie Plain Potter BlogPreschool moms and dad, I give you words of comfort. On those days when your little needs one more cup of juice or the nights when he/she just needs some water. Or when you’re on the way out the door and he/she needs one more potty break; I give you words of comfort. Those will be your times of laughter when you take those same children on their first day of school, their first dance or when you have those ‘girl and boy’ talks.

Parents I give you words of comfort. This too shall pass: those stages. Love your precious little ones and setting the boundaries. Set the boundaries in love so that the recognize and know boundaries. Then later on in life the boundaries do not become hard and difficult for them to understand.

Love them; but be willing to say no more cup of juice. Love them and say this is the last potty break. Love them and say you must be in your room by bedtime. Set the boundaries early. Stick to the boundaries. Have the boundaries in love. When they want to throw a tantrum and want to pout, set the boundaries in love.

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