Raising teenage boys

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Junior high school moms and dads, in the last few weeks,  I have had some of the most difficult conversations.  They were hard because it’s hard to be mom without being friend. I want them to feel they can come and talk to me. I want them to to feel comfortable with me. But in the same token, I want them to understand that I am mom.

As being mom, there is a level of respect that I expect. Being mom, there are certain things that I must set boundaries, for in terms of the way you talk to me. The things you think are acceptable to say.

So now, we’re at that junior high moment where we start to push different boundaries. I want them to still feel comfortable to talk to me, but I have to let them know my expectations.  So, I do it again in love. But now the boundaries and expectations are on a higher level; because now, I am shaping them to being those men of honor. Those men of character. Those men of duty.

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