“I thought I would teach for a year and move on; but after 25 years, I have realized that everything that I do is teaching.” Stephanie Plain Potter

Stephanie has been teaching for over the past two decades on various levels from preschool to graduate school in public and private institutions.

In every experience, she has learned from her students and she believes teaching surpasses the traditional classroom.

It is a living thing that engages the teacher and student through inspiration, support, empowerment, and knowledge that create a climate of high expectations and excellence. 

Professor Potter,

Helped me understand not only her class, but also other classes and how I could use my time better. She is one of the best professors I have had.

Grace, Alvin Community College

Professor Potter,

I would like to say thanks.Thank You for your wisdom,knowledge,and patience. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would have passed this class. So thank you again and keep doing what you do best!!  Greg D., Lone Star College


Professor Potter gives great guidance!      

Teaching (Student) Evaluation Summary, Lone Star College


Through journal writing, I have been able to improve my writing and thinking. Professor Potter uses group activities too; she is excellent. She is very well prepared everyday and makes the class enjoyable.

                                                             Student Evaluations, DeVry University

She is a good professor. One of the best I have ever met. She really prepared me for my next class. She is helpful and very entertaining. I strongly recommend her and very pleased with all her academic studies and taking her course.

               Teaching (Student) Evaluation Summary, Vet Tech Institute                  

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