Preview of The Healing

I am working on a new book project, The Healing. I wanted to share a little piece with you. This comes from the chapter called Spiritual Healing.

My daddy, John Plain, always said I was the child who had to see if water was wet. So often, I had to try things. I didn’t want to hear your opinion, warning, or suggestion. I had to do it my way. The wonderful thing about my daddy was that he allowed me to be “a work in progress.” Daddy would listen to my point of view. Give me his suggestion anyway and say, “Stephanie, pray about it and always think through things.” I would promise to do so, but I often made plans based on my desired outcome not on the reality of the situation. That realization comes to me now years later after I have experienced a broken heart, several bruises and unnecessary pains. Yet, my daddy always saw the best in me and spoke to the “Stephanie” I could be. I could always go to him. Nothing was too ugly, too disappointing, too big; too expensive. He was daddy and he loved me beyond the situations. Then, a day came that tore me apart. He died. My cheerleader was gone. I was emotionally and spiritually broken…


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