“We heard many positive comments about your presentations. Thank you for making such a valuable contribution at our 2014 National Conference in Las Vegas. We believe everyone left with many new insights and fresh ideas on how to work more effectively with children. We hope you also benefited from being a presenter at our Wired Differently & Innovative Counseling national conferences. We look forward to future work together. Thanks again.”   Developmental Resources
Thank you so much for your talk at the conference in Chicago! I learned a lot from your presentation, thank you! Cindy, Santa Rosa, CA.
“I attended Stephanie Potter’s presentation on Making Parents Allies at the Innovative Counseling Skills and Strategies Conference in June and was impressed with her down-to-earth approach on how to make parents allies and more involved in schools. Ms. Potter made it look so easy with her step-by-step process on how you can lure parents into the school setting and keep them there. She offers a very simple and direct plan, one that actually seems manageable and wouldn’t appear to take a lot of time to set up. She was entertaining, kept my attention and shared real life situations on how you can make this work on any campus. If we can have the parents and schools working together, “backing each other up” ,so to speak then it makes working with those hard to reach or challenging students so much easier.” ~ Elaine Becker, Bowie Elementary Counselor
“Thank you for making such a valuable contribution at our 2013 National Conferences on Innovative Counseling & Wired Differently in Atlanta, Georgia.  We were pleased with responses we received from our conference attendees.  We look forward to seeing you again in the near future.” ~ K.M. Wickersham, Developmental Resources-Conference & webinar coordinator
“Stephanie serves with compassion during times of crisis. She is firm yet caring.” Principal
“Stephanie is excellent with guiding students through the decision-making process…” Melissa Serrano, LCISD teacher
“Individual counseling is Stephanie’s strength. She works with students repeatedly to solve their concerns and problems…” Veronica Meza-Hernandez, Memorial Hermann Social Worker
“Mrs. Potter is an educator with high regard to the students, parents, and other educators’ needs. She is an educator that represents great integrity while interacting with parents and students; she is an educator that takes the time to organize and problem solve in the best interest of the student without offending the parent. She displays mutual respect towards her colleagues by valuing others’ input. Mrs. Potter is an educator that is valuable and makes you feel valuable through her openness and clear expectations that allows for opportunity for growth.” Kathy Phipps, community partner/owner BabyBlues

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