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With all of the field trips, projects, new concepts to learn, I think to myself “when did I enroll in elementary school?!” That’s how I feel sometimes. When did elementary school stop being fun? With all of the tests and all of the business to do be done, where did the fun go?

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It’s my job as a parent to make it fun for my little girl. It’s my job to show her how the catepillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. It is my job to show her the pretty seeds that we planted actually produces food for us to eat. It’s my job because i’m simply not worried about a score on a test or by the next grade made on a report card. I want her to learn those too, but I’m at the critical moment of shaping her character and implanting values in her.

So to those elementary moms and dads, don’t miss those moments. Don’t miss those moments when she or he loses those two front teeth. Don’t miss those moments when they smile when learning something new. Don’t miss those moments.

To all my elementary moms and dads, make learning fun again.

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