Mom and Grandmother’s Real World Lesson: Workplace Preparation

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Mom and grandmother’s Real World Lessons: Workplace Preparation

    There are several schools, districts, colleges and universities who have changed their curriculum to meet the growing demands in the 21st century workforce. As an educational specialist and curriculum writer, I have the task of contextualizing curriculum to fit the demands of certain fields of study and industries. Thus in doing so, I find that ideas and concepts from my mother and grandmother coming back to me. I remember my mother asking me to decide how much I would need of a given ingredient if we were feeding a certain number of people or my grandmother planting flowers and trying to determine the square footage. I thought I was just helping them, but they were teaching me. Now, I create real world scenarios to teach concepts. Who would believe that me being the “little helper” would turn into a career? Therefore, my advice for parents is to go back to real world lessons of application. Have your children help in the home so they can learn to critically think, analyze and problem solve. Jobs are asking for these skills in the workplace.

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