“Stephanie serves with compassion during times of crisis. She is firm yet caring.” Principal


 “Stephanie is excellent with guiding students through the decision-making process…” Melissa Serrano, teacher


“Individual counseling is Stephanie’s strength. She works with students repeatedly to solve their concerns and problems…” Veronica Meza-Hernandez, Memorial Hermann Social Worker


“Potter has high regard for the students, parents, and other educators’ needs. She represents great integrity while interacting with parents and students; she takes the time to organize and problem solve in the best interest of the student without offending the parent. She displays mutual respect towards her colleagues by valuing others’ input. Potter is valuable and makes you feel valuable through her openness and clear expectations that allows for opportunity for growth.” Kathy Phipps, community partner/ business owner


“Just wanted to share this for those who know what my son has been through since pre-k. I’m a super proud mom because he finally made AB honor roll! The most exciting part was when he came home to show me his report card and said “mom, I have all S no U or N!” Aren’t you proud of me? With a knot in my throat I said “I’m very proud of you son…” Gave him the biggest hug & kiss…Special thanks to my awesome advocate Dr. Stephanie Potter.”   Juditt Buenrrostro, parent

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