J Solutions


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Seeing beyond the here and now.

Seeing the beauty within each of us.


J Solutions’ mission is to empower individuals to see beyond the here and now by assisting them in turning dreams into action plans of success. Therefore, we bring professional, experienced, and caring service that assist with all educational and professional service needs.

Who are we:

J Solutions was founded in 2007 and is based in Sugar Land, TX. We serve the greater Houston area including Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenberg and Katy. We are a team of educators, counselors, advocates, entrepreneurs, and consultants who work to achieve gains and build relationships through research-based strategies, interventions, and programs.

What we do:

J Solutions partners with schools, districts, organizations, companies, and institutions to support the needs, improve, and expand achievement capacity.

Why we do it:

J Solutions is committed to providing excellent professional development training, and educational solutions that encourage academic and professional achievement, growth and improvement.

“Stephanie treats everyone as her equal and helps you anyway she can.”  ~ Blanca Herrera, support staff

“Stephanie has a passion for making a positive difference …” ~ Robin Wilborn, teacher

“Stephanie is a great mediator… Her ability to resolve issues are swift and she diffuses the situation from a potential negative reaction. ” ~ Rachel Salazar, Coordinator


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