God’s Touch Lesson

“Parts of the Book”


Objective: The learners will be able to identify and define the author, illustrator and other parts of a book.

Directions: Before you read the book, teach the students the parts of the book.

  1. Show the book cover to the class.
    1. Point to the Title and tell the class the Title.
    2. Write the title on the board or computer screen
  2. Write the Author’s name on the board or computer screen.
  3. Read the Author’s bio to the class.
  4. Point to the Illustrator’s name and read it to the class.
    1. Write the Illustrator’s name on the board or computer screen

After reading the book:

  1. Have students take out a sheet of paper and fold the paper in half.
  2. On the front, have students write a title, author’s name (their name) and illustrator’s name.
  3. On the back, have the students write a timeline of their lives or write about it.
  4. Inside, the students will tell one thing about their day.
  5. Collect the books and display them around the room.



If the children are not able to write, have the students find picture from their story.  The students will select at least three pictures to place on the front page.  Inside, the students will draw a picture of their day.   Take a picture of the students.  Have the students glue the picture on the back.