child advocate for special education


The icy bridges and freezing winds echo the uniqueness of each passing day, but they also allow me to see the beauty of each day as well.  What can each day bring? What can I accomplish?  As a child, I dreamed of the unlimited possibilities of this world.  To travel to distant lands, to speak many languages, to learn famous works, and to achieve great things; these were my dreams.  The stars were only twinkles in my eyes not limitations on my soul.  Yet, I grew up and limitations came when I shared my dreams with others, and they shared their perspectives.  But now as I grow older, I have learned to keep my dreams to myself, and just work on them.  I share my dreams only with the people who I know will honor them as I do.  Think about your dreams, and the people you share them with.  What were their reactions?  What were their perspectives?  Now think of the dreams your children have told you?  What were your reactions?  What were your perspectives? Be the person who helps your children’s dreams take flight.  Teach them that dreams are vision plans of the future.  So, the only limitations of dreams are the limitations you set when you fail to dream.

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