College Skills That Transfer to Career Skills

America is known as the land of opportunity. Every day, you must seize the opportunity and recognize when it shows its head. This is true about acquiring career skills from college classes. There are several classes that provide essential skills needed in the workforce. Skills from teamwork to communication can be developed in classes.

With the changes in the workforce and limited funding for training, several colleges and universities have designed their assignments in different ways to integrate college to work skills. The purpose of the restructuring of classes/ assignments is to provide more hands-on approaches.

Group projects, presentations, and multi-media assignments foster team work, communication skills, dependability, problem solving and skill application. These are the top skills identified as keys to success in a new job. The Texas Workforce Commission’s Career Resources outline occupations that fit skills.

The Texas Workforce Commission has a department called Career Resources Labor Market and Career Information that is the one stop shop of information. It gives everything from labor statistics to career support. The information provides sources for employment all over Texas. There are several positions that will allow you to gain experience on the job as you continue your college career. Some companies offer internships. Therefore as you learn skills in the classroom, you can immediately apply them in the workforce.

To discover the different aspects and opportunities, one should do a search at the Texas Workforce Commission or visit a local office. There are Workforce Solutions offices around the Houston area.

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