Close Your Eyes & See

Stephanie Plain Potter Child advocate

Have you ever awakened to wish you could go back to a dream?  Did the dream seem so real or better than real life?  Some believe dreams are pictures into the future and others believe that dreamers are snapshots of the past. I believe they are both and we live to dream and have the impossible.  So as a mom, I seek to teach those lessons.

Every summer, my children and I do an activity called “close your eyes and see.”  We close our eyes and picture the ideal Summer vacation.  They cannot tell the place or city name.  They must describe it.  How does it look?  What foods can you eat?  Where do you go?  What do you do?  Where do you sleep?  Then, we open our eyes and write down those answers.  We compare our lists and find an “ideal” family place.  This is great in that everyone contributes.  We have been some where new every year.  Just before school starts, we do the same but call it the “ideal school year.”.

The Bible says if you see it, he will bring it to reality.  So, see it in our spirit so we can see it in the physical.  Dreams are always primary thoughts and planning/ actions are secondary.

So what are you dreaming for?  Close your eyes and see!!

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