The Beauty of Dyslexia


I am a mother of a very wonderful and a unique individual. He shares a commonality with me in that we both struggled with reading early in our lives.

Yet, he has opportunities to have individuals around that were knowledgeable enough to diagnosis him with dyslexia.

What does that mean?

Outside of his parents and my parents, there were others who believed that there was more to him.  Thus, he has opportunities to grow at his pace, and take his time. He has also the opportunity to see the intelligence that lies within the disability.

He sees the big picture of things and situations and then, he separate it piece by piece until it makes sense to him. He catches abstract concepts in a way so unique to only him. The beauty to recognize the little things is the intelligence few obtain.

Oh to be a person, who loves himself so much that no one or anything can stop what he truly believe about his ability, is true love and beauty. That’s what I learn every day from my son.  I learn to love myself unconditionally and to love who God created me to be.  I cannot imagine all he will accomplish and that God has for him.  The possibilities are unlimited; because, he has learned the lesson that has taken me 38 years to understand.   It’s the beauty of dyslexia.

Mom and Grandmother’s Real World Lesson: Workplace Preparation

grandmother sample working

Mom and grandmother’s Real World Lessons: Workplace Preparation

    There are several schools, districts, colleges and universities who have changed their curriculum to meet the growing demands in the 21st century workforce. As an educational specialist and curriculum writer, I have the task of contextualizing curriculum to fit the demands of certain fields of study and industries. Thus in doing so, I find that ideas and concepts from my mother and grandmother coming back to me. I remember my mother asking me to decide how much I would need of a given ingredient if we were feeding a certain number of people or my grandmother planting flowers and trying to determine the square footage. I thought I was just helping them, but they were teaching me. Now, I create real world scenarios to teach concepts. Who would believe that me being the “little helper” would turn into a career? Therefore, my advice for parents is to go back to real world lessons of application. Have your children help in the home so they can learn to critically think, analyze and problem solve. Jobs are asking for these skills in the workplace.


healing     Healing seeks to go beyond just acknowledging God as the healer, but it will also discuss your role in the healing process. It will explain the things God promises as well as the things He expects you to do. Those realizations will move you from understanding healing to acknowledging healing. Then, you can experience the power of God so you can claim, declare, and receive His healing.


Preview of The Healing

I am working on a new book project, The Healing. I wanted to share a little piece with you. This comes from the chapter called Spiritual Healing.

My daddy, John Plain, always said I was the child who had to see if water was wet. So often, I had to try things. I didn’t want to hear your opinion, warning, or suggestion. I had to do it my way. The wonderful thing about my daddy was that he allowed me to be “a work in progress.” Daddy would listen to my point of view. Give me his suggestion anyway and say, “Stephanie, pray about it and always think through things.” I would promise to do so, but I often made plans based on my desired outcome not on the reality of the situation. That realization comes to me now years later after I have experienced a broken heart, several bruises and unnecessary pains. Yet, my daddy always saw the best in me and spoke to the “Stephanie” I could be. I could always go to him. Nothing was too ugly, too disappointing, too big; too expensive. He was daddy and he loved me beyond the situations. Then, a day came that tore me apart. He died. My cheerleader was gone. I was emotionally and spiritually broken…





Diamonds is a book that takes the reader on a journey and exploration to find the diamond in one’s self. It will challenge your mind, tug at your heart, awaken old dreams, create new visions, and strengthen your spirit. Through historical and biblical references,

Diamonds will transform and reveal your shine; So open your mind to unlimited possibilities as you discover the hidden diamond within yourself.