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Shoe shopping TransitionsThis Sunday, we were preparing to buy shoes for school. My children and I typically buy shoes at the end of July/beginning of August for two reasons. One, normally the shoes are available at that time and we don’t have to worry about the store being out of their sizes. And two, because typically the price is still reasonable. It appears that stores increase the price by the second of August because they know it’s the start of school and parents must prepare their children to go back to school with new clothes, shoes and supplies.

So Sunday as we were looking up and down the aisles at the different shoes, I watched my children interact. I realized that they’re transitioning into a new school year but I was transitioning into a new set of children. What I mean by that is that at one point I could take my girls to the store and they would sit down and they would be happy simply having new shoes. Now, they’re concerned about the color, the size, style…Are they going to both receive the same shoes or are we getting different shoes. Now, it’s about choices. It’s not mommy’s choices but theirs.

As I transition with them showing their independence, I also have my sons who are now high schoolers. Their transition is totally different. Of course they’re showing independence but it’s to a point where they collect their shoes, they know what they want. They’re ready to leave. Not how do you think this looks? Will it fit. They know what they want. They have what they want. And they’re ready to go.

Parents what I tell you is that take the time to recognize the transition. Notice the changes. As school starts, they transition but we transition also.

Happy Shopping!

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