Who Is Stephanie Plain Potter?

The Problem Solver: Seeing Beyond the Here and Now 

Teacher by Heart ~ Writer by Choice ~ Counselor by Design

Stephanie Plain Potter has over 25 years of experience working with individuals, schools, institutions, and organizations on growth, improvement, and sustainability.

Stephanie has written award winning programs and selected as woman of the year by National Association of Professional Women and an Elite Educator for counseling, school, and organizational improvement.

In addition, Stephanie is the owner of J SOLUTIONS CONSULTING AND PUBLISHING GROUP, STEPHANIE’S SPOON,  and EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL along with being the author of God’s Touch, God’s Kiss, God’s Love, God’s Gift, God’s Eyes, Diamonds, Healing, and Frog It Out and Win as well as numerous articles.


Click Here to learn more about stephanie, her endorsements and organizations in which she belongs.


Organizations & Awards 



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